How the game was played in remote antiquity

In Ancient China Keno was played as follows: players were to mark with a brush a few characters out of 120. That time they were to be marked by small ink spots. The ink was used in order to make sure that this is a final bet and the player could not change his mind at the last moment. Even today, the numbers of the game marked by a player are sometimes called spots.

Twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom himself drew out random combinations. In case the marked characters and the winning ones were the same, players receive great prizes. For many it was a real chance to provide for their families and get into the society of wealthy people. Thanks to the early development of writing in China, the game has gained immense popularity among the people. To play Keno was considered not only interesting but also having good manners. Keno was played by every one: by the children and the old people, by the poor and the rich, and in big cities and small towns.


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