The rules of the game

As you already know, Keno is a lottery gambling game. It can be played online as well as in a casino where there are special Keno lounges. But in case you donít want to play inside the lounge, most casinos have Keno runners whose job is to take your ticket and to bring you the winnings. Usually in casinos you can find a lot of TV screens which inform the players what are the winning numbers. There is also a video version of the game, so if you prefer video games, you can try it.

As any lottery game, Keno is a game that is very easy to play. The only thing you need to do is to choose numbers (not less than 4 and no more than 10) within the range of 1 to 80 and select them. The selections, as you already know, are called spots. So, you need to buy a blank Keno ticket and mark the numbers you prefer. Then you need to deliver your ticket to the Keno desk where youíll get your duplicate ticket. Then from a barrel with 80 numbered balls at random 20 numbered balls will be drawn. You can see the results on the Keno boards. In different casinos the minimum bets are different. So are the tickets that casinos use. You are also allowed to play as many tickets as you want to play. The house advantage is usually about 30 %. Some casinos offer multi race Keno and in this case you are allowed to play some consecutive Keno rounds at one time. But anyway, your strategy in Keno, in essence, should be to enjoy the game.


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