Keno – legends, rules and strategy

How the game was invented

It is considered that the birthplace of the game is the Ancient China. Some information about this game can be found in ancient Chinese scrolls, dating back as far as 200 BC, which were carefully preserved and handed down from generation to generation. There is a legend saying that long ago, when the Chinese provinces were at war trying to redistribute their territories and the money to maintain the armies were not enough, the wise ruler of the Middle Kingdom of the Han dynasty took a pretty unusual decision.

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The game of Keno played at online casinos is operated by a random number generator, that is a device designed to generate a sequence of numbers that lack any pattern. Find out more about RNG's in casinos now.

How the game was played in remote antiquity

In Ancient China Keno was played as follows: players were to mark with a brush a few characters out of 120. That time they were to be marked by small ink spots.  The ink was used in order to make sure that this is a final bet and the player could not change his mind at the last moment. Even today, the numbers of the game marked by a player are sometimes called spots.

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Free Keno Games are often available at online casinos in a variety of guises and all are super fun to play. Do not miss the chance to try this enticing game without risking any money. You may even win some with the no-deposit bonus promotions.

The origin of the name

The very origin of the name  “Keno” also has a very interesting story. Some believe that Keno has French origins and comes from the word “quine” i.e. the five winning numbers. Others agree that Keno is of Latin origin and it comes from the Latin word “quini” which can be translated as “five each”.

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Poker Keno or PoKeNo is an interesting combination of the two very popular games Poker and Keno. The dealer or "caller" shuffles cards from an ordinary deck of 52 and turns over the top one, calling it out. If, for instance, the card is an ace of diamonds, the players having the ace of diamonds on their board cover it with a counter. The dealer continues turning over the subsequent cards, and the players continue covering on their boards, until someone wins by having a complete row of five covered, - either horizontally or vertically - and calls "out." Today a variant of this game can also be played online and unlike many other versions of online poker, this game is more based on luck, which can make it someway more relaxing!

How the game came to America

China was a closed country for a very long time. Therefore, the world knew about Keno only at the beginning of the 19th century. That time immigrants from the Middle Kingdom started their search for better life and began spreading around the world. The brought the Chinese culture, Chinese tea, Chinese silk, and certainly their most popular game called Keno.

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Game strategies

Despite the fact that the game is not predictable and cannot be logically analyzed, players are constantly trying to develop new strategies that will be profitable. Given the random nature of the game, any strategy would look rather ridiculous. In any case, nothing and nobody can take your chance of winning away.

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Play online slot games for free and have great fun. But at the end of the day there is nothing like the excitement of real money gambling that you can get  in an online casino. Nowadays you can also find casinos specialized in slot machines and hence offering a larger variety of slot games.

Theory of chances in Keno

In Keno each round (called a race) has nothing to do with the previous one as the balls fall in a random order and have no clear sequence. In theory, every ball can be drawn an unlimited number of times in unlimited number of rounds.  But even in this scenario, some players notice some patterns. If you believe in this theory, you need to choose the numbers that weren’t drawn during several previous rounds. There is a strong probability that they will be selected. However, you never know.

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Using D’Alembert and Martingale systems

Jean le Rond D’Alembert was a mathematician, physicist, mechanician and philosopher. He lived in 18th century and many of his scientific works are still used such as D’Alembert system, D’Alembert principle, and D’Alembert paradox. According to the D’Alembert system, the number of successful bets may be increased significantly even with a minimum budget.

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The number sequence strategy as a method of playing Keno

The number sequence strategy is less risky than the Martingale strategy. On one hand, the method does not promise to return the money you lose right away but on the other hand, it is much more flexible.

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The block system

Based on the experience, professional players develop their own methods of selecting numbers. One of the most effective systems recognized by the game fans is the so called “block system”.

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The rules of the game

As you already know, Keno is a lottery gambling game. It can be played online like many other casino games, as well as in a live casino where there are special Keno lounges. But in case you don’t want to play inside the lounge, most casinos have Keno runners whose job is to take your ticket and to bring you the winnings.

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